Peter E Riches | Cinematographer Peter E Riches | Cinematographer

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My passion lies in storytelling and having won Best Cinematography for my work on short film The Parting Glass at the London Short Film Festival, I went on to shoot my debut feature film Jellyfish. After a nationwide release in UK cinemas, it is now available on all good streaming services.

Based in London with a background in lighting, I have shot a spectrum of work from short form to feature films and built a wealth of experience in scale, format and style.

Cinematography offers me a platform for expression, a chance to tell affecting stories and explore my fascination with the human condition. I am currently working mainly in the fashion and art house industries and plan to continue growing in these fields, while seeking new narrative ventures.

Clients Include: BBC // Giff Gaff // National Lottery // Victoria Beckham Eyewear // New York Bakery Co. // LYN Accs // Sugru // Three Graces London