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Hi there, my name’s Peter and I’m a cinematographer based in London with a background in lighting. Having shot a spectrum of work from short form to feature films I have built up a wealth of experience in scale, format and style.

My passion lies in storytelling and having won Best Cinematography for my work on short film ‘The Parting Glass’ at the London Short Film Festival, I went on to shoot my debut feature film ‘Jellyfish’. After a nationwide release in UK cinemas, it is now available on all good streaming services.

Cinematography offers me a platform for expression, a chance to tell affecting stories and explore my fascination with the human condition. Through constant collaboration, I look to identify a director's every aim for a project and in turn create an elevating visual language.

Shooting stills gives me the opportunity to explore visual ideas and concepts without restriction. Check out my photographs on instagram @petereriches